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Internet Meetings or Send a Memo?

I recently ran across a post on called 7 Ways to Kill Your Meetings and Unleash Productivity. While a few of the 7 ways were things we talked about before there were a couple of new ones I thought were worth sharing. One method I felt was intriguing was to use the internet for your meeting. You don’t have to leave your desk which has its advantages. There is a software called Campfire that is designed exactly for this, reasonably priced, and you can try it for 30 days free. A word of caution – those meetings that need to be face to face where all forms of communication need to be employed, including body language, would not work well with this method.

memo illustation for small business productivity blogNow here is something from the past – if the purpose of the meeting is to inform, for instance new policies or procedures, why not just send a memo? The more modern version may be writing a post for the company blog or newsletter. If you are looking to get a little more creative why not make a video? Wouldn’t that be more fun than a meeting?

Are you still stuck in the 8 to 5 world? This article for Asia One Business News cites another survey, this one conducted by Regus, suggesting flexible working practices let workers feel more energized and motivated. Such practices also helped firms retain talent by improving workers’ morale and health. The report even states 66% of the companies linked increasing revenues directly to the flexible work practices. This survey of over 16,000 senior business managers from around the world confirms the business case for flexible work practices revealing that global businesses see increased productivity and greater revenue generation and directly link that to flexible work practices. Perhaps it is time to see if your company can be more flexible.

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