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Do Your Spreadsheets have Errors?

ssAccording to the research a good number of Canadian businesses use spreadsheets as a way to keep track of expenses instead of or in addition to accounting software. I love spreadsheets but it didn’t surprise me one bit when I came across this article on Market Watch that suggests 88% of spreadsheets have errors. Some of these error ridden data sheets are used as fairly significant decision-making tools; like the Harvard Economics Study that overstated the impact that debt burdens have on nation’s economic growth. Interesting…made me want to double-check all of my spreadsheets for accuracy.

Are you in the retail business? How is digital technology affecting you? A Canadian report from ThirdOcean highlights some really cool retail trends that should be paid attention to. Have you heard of augmented reality? This is the kind of technology that lets you try on clothes to see what they would look like on you – without really trying them on. Or another example; seeing what a Lego set will look like finished just by holding up the box to a scanner. Digital technology is even affecting what we buy through online reviews. 69% of people believe reviews help them in deciding whether or not to make a purchase and 23% of people take their cell phone shopping with them to source those reviews right while they are in the store.

Does your company use Customer Relations Management (CRM) software? I just came across this report that compares the top 40 CRM software’s on a number of different fronts including whether the software is suitable for small or medium size business or hosted on premises or in the cloud. The report also gives the cost of the software, current users and some highlights for each one. A very comprehensive report (123 pages) that I encourage you to download if you are considering going this route.

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