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It’s All About Technology

future cityIt has been a while since I have posted anything but lately I am feeling more inspired. It could have something to do with my new role as the Client Services Consultant at the Centre For Research & Innovation (CRI). If you have a moment check out my latest blogs on the CRI Moving Innovation Forward blog site or follow me on Twitter.
This time of year everyone is making their top ten lists and when I came across this one I just had to share. Ten ways the world changed in 2014 and it’s all about technology. This post from was fascinating. Can you imagine learning about history as you are actually immersed in it? That is just one of the things virtual reality can do for us and virtual reality is just one of the things that made the top ten.

Companies are catching up and using the data to serve the people instead of the people searching for what they want. If you need a good example of this look no further than Amazon. I don’t know about you but I get regular suggestions from Amazon about what I might like and it astounds me how well they can predict that. Just imagine your next hotel stay where your every desire is taken care of before you even arrive.

It isn’t just about the smart phone either as soon other smart devices will become common place and not just watches and glasses. As much as this stuff may scare you it is worth mentioning that people are definitely becoming more mindful of what they pay attention to, which only means to me that integrity in all things is as important as it ever was.