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3D – The Next Wave of the future

We have just finished producing a short video (less than 7 minutes) on 3D printing; what it is, what it’s used for and the fact3D Print that we have one at our local college that industry can access (View it here). I touched on this subject once before in my December 11th blog post ‘How much is Digital Technology changing the way we live? I continue to be amazed by this stuff and according to a recent article I found on this could just be the beginning. Apparently Skype is working on 3D Video calling. That would be like having a digital body sit in on your meetings for you while you sit at your computer at a different location anywhere in the world.
While this technology may be a few years away and right now it looks like its straight out of Hollywood, director David Cameron, who made the 3-D hit Avatar, says a takeover of 3-D displays is inevitable because “that’s how we see the world.”
I believe how we learn from the world is changing too. We are really becoming a ‘learn on demand’ society. With You Tube as we need to know something we look it up and learn the how often so we can do it right then. With that in mind we are producing a couple of other 7 minute video’s to help you learn about digital technology. When they are completed I will let you know.

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