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classroomBecause of the availability of online courses and my love of learning I regularly take courses in whatever interests me. One of the places I go for those courses is Udemy offers online courses from experts. I can take courses on absolutely anything that interests me at a very reasonable price. Topics range from web design, creating social media videos, financial modelling, and designing a logo to even health and fitness courses. Through Udemy I have finished a course on Facebook Marketing and I am currently taking Photoshop Training both of which were free. You can even take courses from famous authors such as Jack Welsh (leadership) and Eric Ries (entrepreneurship) and several University professors.

With all this wonderful training available how do employers know whether or not someone has the digital technology skills they are looking for? As this article in the Chronicles of Higher Education explains Educational upstarts across the Web are adopting systems of “badges” to certify skills and abilities. Interesting to note the biggest push for badges is coming from industry and education reformers, rather than from traditional educational institutions. Mozilla, the group that develops the popular Firefox Web browser, is designing a framework to let anyone with a Web page—colleges, companies, or even individuals—issue education badges designed to prevent forgeries and give potential employers details about the distinctions at the click of a mouse. The digital badges outline specific skills that employers might look for, such as experience with HTML or social networking. Mozilla says that more than 600 organizations are already participating in Open Badges.  Wouldn’t that be good if our local educators had a system like that?

Don’t forget to attend our Digital Technology Learning Forum. To be held at Centre 2000 tomorrow, March 20, 2013. We are hosting the experts as they use digital technology to help explain social media, SEO, social commerce, mobile applications, databases, and 3D printers. For more tips and tools on how to get more productive and how to use digital technology to do that please visit Blue Collar Consulting Inc. at or check out our new website at


About Janet, doing it better.

I grew up and still reside in Northern Alberta. While I have numerous interests I am passionate about the Peace River region, its innovation, its people, and the creative spirit that envelopes us all.

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