Is Digital a Threat to Your Business?

threatAre you embracing digital? Or is digital a threat to your livelihood? I’m not much of a music buff so it didn’t occur to me how much the digital age was destroying the record industry. From digital advances with the creation of CD’s causing an explosion in sales, to a few years later and what looked like a terminal illness from an inability to adapt to a new business model embracing the digital age. Well perhaps the music industry has it figured out now based on this article in the New York Times but I suspect there is still need for some ongoing innovation. What I take away from this is that at the pace things are moving today we better be looking at our current business model and exploring how digital is affecting our business. Being innovative with digital technology might be a tool for survival.

Did you know that there are some pretty good apps out there that capture your handwriting digitally? This article recommends at least five that vary in price from $5 to free. So now there is no excuse not to get on board this digital train!

Do you offer Wi-Fi to your customers? I see signs in our local coffee shops offering this service for free and I know while I am there I appreciate it. But I didn’t realize that offering this service could be a competitive advantage. I came across this article in which an independent grocery store in Ontario is positioning themselves to be a community hub rather than just a place to get groceries. Just one more way that digital technology could make your business more profitable or productive.

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About Janet, doing it better.

I grew up and still reside in Northern Alberta. While I have numerous interests I am passionate about the Peace River region, its innovation, its people, and the creative spirit that envelopes us all.

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