Which Productivity Method Would You Choose?

If you are like me you are always on the lookout for new ways to be more productive. There are several methods and methodologies out there so I was quite intrigued when I came across this post from Lifehacker highlighting the Five Best Productivity Methods.  The Pomodoro technique came in first on the Lifehacker’s list.  This method is pretty simple. Basically you set a timer and really focus for 25 minutes. Then take a 5 minute break. Each 25 minute session is called a ‘pomodoro’.  And of course there is an app for that.

The next most popular methodology was ‘Getting Things Done’ by author David Allen. I read David’s book years ago and it had a real impact on me. While I don’t employ the majority of his methods I definitely subscribe to the ideology behind them which is; get the ideas and tasks out of your head and organize them so they are easy to manage in terms of priority and time required. The fourth most popular method was Seinfeld’s Productivity Secret – Don’t Break the Chain and I already talked about that one in my February 22 blog ‘Getting Things Done’.

What was really interesting was the third most popular method was actually a hybrid or custom personalized method. Basically people had adapted or revised different techniques to fit their own style.  I definitely fit into this group. I have even revised Jason Womack’s three list recommendation (from February 22 blog ‘Getting Things Done’) to four as I needed a ‘Next Week’ list or at least something between 96 hours and 3 months. This goes back to my version of David Allen’s ideology of getting things out of your head.

There is one more way of becoming more productive that we haven’t mentioned and that is taking a nap! A recent article I came across suggests doctors now say a short snooze not going beyond 10 minutes increases productivity improves intelligence and maintains emotional stability. So there you go – your best approach to all this might be to figure out what productivity method works best for you given your work and how you approach it and then go take a nap.

Productivity is a measure of how much – work, time, effort, money, or energy – you have to put into something to get the desired outcome. For more tips and tools on how to get more productive please visit Blue Collar Consulting Inc. at http://www.bluecollarconsulting.ca/.


About Janet, doing it better.

I grew up and still reside in Northern Alberta. While I have numerous interests I am passionate about the Peace River region, its innovation, its people, and the creative spirit that envelopes us all.

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